Women of Molise taking notes for a movie about Frank Monaco

Women of Molise

About the Movie

The film follows the journey of filmmaker Agapito Di Pilla as he searches for the women photographed by Frank Monaco in 1950 in rural southern Italy.
Born in New York, photographer Frank Monaco grew up hearing his mother’s vivid tales about her native village, Cantalupo del Sannio, in the mountainous and wild region of Molise.
In his regular visits to Molise, Monaco used to take pictures to report to his mother. Soon enough, he became the chronicler of the life in the community, documenting its births, deaths, festivities and social customs with tremendous warmth and grace.
In particular, his recurrent subjects were the women of Cantalupo. Strong, dignified mothers, left behind from their husbands, who in those times emigrated to earn a better leaving, to work the land and raise the families. Decades after, MonacoĆ­s black-and-white pictures are the track to reconstruct a piece of history of Molise in the aftermath of WWII.
Confronted with the images of their past over sixty years later, the Women of Molise are asked to reminisce about their migration stories. Stories of loss and separation, work and humility, strength and dignity.

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